④ Describe the Picture  

Instructions:  The examiner will show 7 picture cards. The examiner will ask you to describe the actions in the pictures.

Tips: Try to answer each question in the present-progressive tense (-ing form). 

opening _ closing the door.jpeg

What is she doing?


She is closing the door.



What are they doing?


They are waving to each other.


Luke's Project 3.jpg
Luke's Project 6.jpg


What is he doing?


He is giving a gift to her friend.


What is he doing?


He is waiting at the station.


Luke's Project 5.jpg
Luke's Project 2.jpg
What are they doing?


They are shaking hands.


What are they doing?


They are talking to each other.


Luke's Project 7.jpg
Luke's Project 4.jpg

What is he doing?


He is going home.