③ Response Check

Instructions: You must respond to the examiner. Test points: Greetings, fulfilling a request, and assisting. 

⚠️Caution: They will be testing you from the very beginning to the end of the examination so be on your toes!


① Hello, nice to meet you.             


② Could you do me a favor? 


③ Could you pass me that box?


④ Thank you. 


⑤ Hmm… 


⑥ Yes. Grrr! (trying to open a pickle jar)


⑦ Yes, thank you. 

⑧ Here is your card.

 Please move on to the next challenge.  

⑨ You're welcome. 

① Nice to meet you too. 

② Sure, what’s up?

③ Sure, here you are. 


④ You’re welcome. 

⑤ Is everything all right? 

⑥ Do you need help? 

⑦ No, problem. 

​⑧ Thank you!