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What do we mean by "Our lessons are tailored to your needs?"

[English follows Japanese]

"あなたのニーズに合わせたレッスン "とはどういう意味ですか?





What do we mean by "Our lessons are tailored to your needs?"

Apart from our usual English lessons, EngShip also help with university entrance exams and interviews for high school students who wish to study abroad or enroll in universities with English Program (e.g FLA Sophia University, GIS Hosei University etc).

Last year, we helped our former student Kana with her university entrance applications for English Program at Musashino University, Rikkyo University and Hosei University. With her hard-work and dedication, Kana received offers from all 3 universities! Ultimately, she chose to study GIS at Hosei. Kana's goal for the future is to work for a non-profit organisation to tackle global issues.

We hope her achievement creates inspiration for other students to learn English and find the language as a useful tool for their future studies and career.

If you have a specific goal with English, have a chat with us and let our teachers help you.

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